Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Post!

Howdy, I'm Amy Alexander, an Associate Professor in Visual Arts at UC San Diego.
Thought I'd set up a new blog for updates on my current research and projects centered on "Re-imaging the (Moving) Image."

If you're at UCSD or in the neighborhood and would like to chat, collaborate, or  get me to turn down the music, please give me a shout.

I'll post more soon - meanwhile, you can catch up with Violent Movies Unraveled (re-spatialized cinema)  and PIGS (various gestural approaches to assembling images) at my website.   PIGS has come a long way since January - actually I've completely redesigned/rewritten it. It should soon take a variety of visual / sonic inputs to allow for hopefully-intuitive real-time assembly of images.  There's a much different approach to the sources from which the images are assembled too.  Well enough blabbing, back to coding... meanwhile, here's a clip from the Violent Movies Unraveled "apartment art" in LA. (Much easier to see and shuttle through if you follow the link to watch it on YouTube, however.)

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